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The Solution

The organic movement is about replacing a mechanical, industrial agriculture with a biological, sustainable agriculture, a permanent agriculture for a permanent human society. Organic farming is as much a philosophy of life as a means of producing food. It reflects an anti-industrial and self sustainable worldview for a healthier lifestyle.

OTSIT Group Organic Farming is about far more than freshness and flavor, food safety and nutrition, or support for the community residents and the local economy. Local food is a means of reclaiming the ecological and social integrity of organics. This local food movement is restoring a sense of community by reconnecting friends and neighbors who are also regaining a sense of place or connectedness with the earth through farming.

This sense of community that characterizes both local food and authentic organic foods is an essential aspect of the new ecological and social worldview of sustainability. Local is an expression of the social and ecological aspects of the new worldview essential for community sustainability.