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Smart Homes

A Smart House is a home that uses Information and Control Technology (ICT) to control energy supply and demand. This creates a more pleasant living environment and enables residents to save energy and lower electricity bill payments. Visually representing household energy consumption enables the residents themselves to save energy more effectively. It also facilitates effective energy use through energy storage.

Next-generation housing that balances both environmental and economic considerations for smarter, more comfortable living – that’s what the Smart House is all about.

Home Energy Management System (HEMS) and residential energy storage systems play vital roles in a Smart House. By visually representing power consumption and CO2 emissions data for every room, houses equipped with HEMS can help households limit energy consumption while providing a comfortable living environment.

Furthermore, combining solar power generation with a residential energy storage system supports efficient energy usage by effectively using solar energy that is generated or stored and balancing supply and demand to and from the grid network.

Estate Management

Maintaining Estates - Supports Living Conditions and Home Values

Effective Estate Management: Most developers neglect investing in effective ongoing estate management. Our sustainable community model can lead the market with a robust estate management system. This will ensure estates don’t depreciate in both physical and financial value terms.

  • Estate management models can be profitable or operate on a cost recovery basis. Digital solutions and platforms exist to enhance efficiency and reduce the operating costs of estate management.
  • Community engagement is a vital aspect of successful estate management