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Solutions & Strategies: Education

Education for Source Waste Reduction

OTSIT Group will also run programs in partnership with local authorities in schools and local communities to implement “waste reduction” educational programs that will create awareness around the importance of source waste reduction and waste sorting.

Source waste reduction is a solid waste management strategy. OTSIT Group will encourage municipalities to consider it and be actively involved in it. Source reduction can have a major impact on the amount of waste generated within a municipality and is therefore a logical starting point for those municipalities interested in managing solid waste in a more sustainable way.

Bin Waste Management

Most developing countries do not separate any sort of waste but mix everything together in garbage bags.

An improper waste management infrastructure can lead to a multitude of challenges that are not only detrimental to the environment and the overall wellbeing of the community residents, but also the final waste management processing that OTSIT Group is implementing.

Having the right bin structure for waste management needs makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring safe and easy collection, improving environmental performance and reducing costs. Habitat Bins and containers will be placed strategically within the communities in a range of sizes to suit all waste needs. Bins with color-coding and signage, together with the implementation of common community guidelines will keep the environment safe and will facilitate our waste management processing.

We will provide 4 types of habitat bins for waste collection and proper separation:

  • Yellow Bins for paper
  • Red Bins for glass and metal
  • Blue Bins for plastic
  • Green Bins for organic waste