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No Pollution is Our Solution

OTSIT Group Waste Management is a division of OTSIT Group’s Sustainable Communities, tasked with solving waste management challenges to clean environment.

Some local communities open dump or open burn as part of their municipal waste management, leading to severe impact on the environment.

OTSIT focus on sustainable development and waste management to bring our communities out of this vicious cycle of pollution. Our sustainable model of waste management will also be used as a prototype model for other areas and countries.

We are building 98% circular waste management solutions within the communities.

Indonesia Struggles with Plastic Pollution.

Facts and figures on current waste situation: According to the Jakarta Environment Agency, out of the 7,250 tons of waste that is produced each day in Jakarta, 14 percent involves plastics, while 1 percent of the plastics are non-degradable, single-use plastic bags.

It is estimated that around 80 percent of manufacturers in Indonesia's plastics industry are SMEs.

Indonesia - an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands that is home to about 285 million people – it is the world's second-largest contributor of plastic pollutants in the oceans after China, according to a study conducted by the journal Science.

OTSIT Group is about to change that for good.