The Renewable Energy programmes will meet the needs of our sustainable community, the local economy and its residents. This includes:

  • Sustainable design principles such as: retention of natural wildlife, wetland conservation, flood plain avoidance, pedestrian only zones, energy & water efficiency and prevention measures for construction pollution.
  • provision of solar farms,
  • building integrated photovoltaics
  • Providing renewable energy solutions that deliver profits and simultaneous brings smart impact to the local community and the surrounding environment. Providing sustainable housing with renewable energy has a long-term positive impact on the way people live.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)

The OTSIT Group ESG programmes is focused on its communities and the people within them.

E: means saving the environment with our sustainable and renewable community housing programmes. With our waste management solution - waste is turned to products not landfill: Our community will be fully circular.

S: means supplying social housing, offering work to people and educating apprentices to work within the community. We are also committed to building health and well-being centres.

G: means working with governmental authorities for the underprivileged within our communities and will allow us to expand our practical programmes to other nations within a transparent framework, underpinned by our own good corporate governance.

Climate Change
OTIST Group is tackling climate change through its full circular communities and education programmes. We aim to not only influence the mindset of people regarding the future of the planet, but also to enable people to make change. Our programmes will affect all involved and this will then spread by their words and actions - impacting smart thinking and solutions within the companies that they are employed and education of family and friends and influencing social media in a positive way.

We will build fully integrated climate change centres within the community helping us to gain further practical insight into full current and future issues with this planet.

Carbon Credits
We will use smart sustainable and renewable technologies in our communities to tackle climate change. This is what is at the heart of OTSIT Group; our carbon credit programme is focused on reduction and allow us to be a major player within the carbon credit space. We want to encourage other companies in the future to be more climate change friendly by using our systems.

Carbon Offset Platform
What is it? A short answer would be that the UN Carbon Offset Platform is an e-commerce platform where a company, an organization or a regular citizen can purchase units (carbon credits) to compensate greenhouse gas emissions or to simply support action on climate.

Calculate your carbon footprint
A key element of the platform is the carbon footprint calculator for individuals. using a simple questionnaire, you provide information about your activities and obtain an estimation of the amount of the carbon emissions as a result (i.e., your footprint). This can also be done for a company's footprint. A simplified calculator is available on a UN web-site: ttps://unfccc.int/climate-neutral-now.